FOMOSonar: An Up And Coming App- Alexa Korkos

Alexa Korkos Blog Post 1

The guest lecture from the creators of the FOMOSonar app was not only informative, but also inspirational. At first glance, the twenty-two year old guest speakers could be easily mistaken for members of our class. This fact made what they had to say even more appealing to me. They not only presented us with a cutting-edge product, but also stressed that as long as you are passionate, success can come at any age. While their product in itself is impressive, the fact that they created it at such a young age left a lasting impression on me.

FOMOSonar is an innovative app that aims to give users a quick, live, and interactive experience. While at first glance this app may seem similar to Groupon, the unique features it offers to both businesses and consumers impressed me. As someone who has become frequently annoyed with Groupon’s constant push notifications, I liked that one of the main focuses of FOMOSonar is to avoid spam. Sending notifications based solely on current location and live events eliminates spam and lowers the probability of losing users to competitors.

In my opinion, this app is an excellent alternative to Groupon from a business standpoint as well. Rather than taking a percentage of each deal sold, FOMOSonar charges businesses a one-time thirty-dollar fee to gain access to its features. I believe that this will be a very important selling point for their app because it allows businesses to keep the profits earned through their deals. It also puts the power to start and stop a promotion in the hands of the business owner. Rather than going through a customer service representative to begin a promotion, businesses have the power to control deals through a series of toggle switches on the app. Although FOMOSonar is slow growing, I believe that the convenience of the app will greatly contribute to its inevitable success.

Here is a video from the creators of FOMOSonar that gives a better idea of how the app works!

I’ve also attached the links to my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts below!


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